Arab or Jewish Journalist

September 13, 2009

Hussein-McMahon CorrespondenceThis just in: We have uncovered documents that have not yet been released to the public and we are here to let you know about this. These documents will reveal all the plans that the Brits have for the Arabs, the Jews and the area of Southwest Asia. This is information that has been found that will be vital knowledge to everyone because this determines the fate of your country and homeland. For all the Arabs out there, this one is for you, The Hussein-McMahon Correspondence; these were letters that were being exchanged to and from Sherif Hussein and Sir Henry McMahon. These letters discussed issues such as Arab independence, rise of the Arabs against the Turks, and the reestablishment of an Arab Caliphate. The Balfour Declaration is the most promising for the Jews, because this is an agreement to give the Jews the homeland that they have always wanted, and keeping all the others happy by not bothering their territory, which is hard to believe. Finally there is the Sykes-Picot agreement which brings in the French and is the agreement between the French and the British that SW Asia will be divided among them. This seems like a lot of agreements to different people over the same amount of land.

                If I was a reporter and I had to break the news to the public, I would do it in a very general form. I would take this approach because I wouldn’t want to show a bias towards a certain side, because while one group might like the side that I am taking, I would lose credibility for any other readers. My goal for the readers is to make them aware of the documents that are being proposed, summarize them so they have a better understanding then let them take the said that they want. I would want to paint a picture in the readers head so they would be able to visualize the land if the document were to be in place. For example, for the Balfour Declaration I would want all of the readers to know what would happen if this document were to happen and the Jews were to have Palestine as their homeland but also what it would be like for the Arabs who are already living there. I would want to be the reporter for everyone to give them a better understanding of the news that is going on around them.


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