Arab Social Obstacles

September 13, 2009

arab- israrli conflict 3

In order to have an organized group or union there are many qualities that are necessary that the Arabs were defiantly lacking. The biggest problem with the Arabs is that they were suffering from internal conflicts. The Arabs essentially split themselves up into two separate groups, based on leaders, against the Husseins and the Nashashibis. These were two groups with opposite views and beliefs. The Arabs did not have the organization and skill set of the Brits and the Zionist. The Arabs did not have any funds or any beneficial services. Another issue is the unequally institution and this lead to the disagreements and fighting with the Arabs. Finally the biggest Arabic set back was the lack of intelligence compared to others. The Arab literacy rate and intelligence was significantly lower than that of the British and the Jews. During the inter-war period there were many things that the Arabs were set back by, and other nations were ahead of them in. This was a critical time for the Arabs and the Jews got a big advantage by having the upper hand, especially with the Brits. The Jews, for the most part, got along with each other, had the Zionist group to keep them unified and also had a higher level of intelligence. In conclusion, being behind in society was the biggest obstacle that the Arabs could have faced during the inter-war period.


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