Consequences of the British Government

September 13, 2009

british webThe Jews, the Arabs, and the French, all promised the same thing, but how could all three groups receive the British’s entire promised piece of land? This was the question of everyone in the Middle East, who is going to get the land of Palestine? The French wanted it because due to the Sykes-Picot agreement, this is what the British promised to give them. The Arabs felt like Palestine was their deserved and promised land because that is where they had inhabited and that was the land that they have been living in so it would be nearly impossible to take it away, and this was supported by the Hussein- McMahon Correspondence, stating the Brits would give the Arabs the land in exchange for help. The Jews had the same view as the other two groups, but for themselves. The Balfour Agreement was the written promise that the British would give the Jewish their “promised land” without the invasion of the non Jewish people.  Clearly these promises could not be granted to all the people and the British had to find this out the hard way. Having multiple promises be broken, really hit a nerve on the three nations. The French felt left out, betrayed and cheated. The Arabs felt taken advantage of and like their land was going to be taken from them. The Jews were furious, and were determined to get the homeland that they were promised. Essentially, the British left everyone in an outrage and predictably, they were fired at and sought after. In conclusion, the consequences of the British making promises that they could not grant ended up affecting them in a negative way. The mistakes of the British resulted in the Jewish basically becoming terrorists towards them and let this be a way of expressing all of the anger that they had due to the broken promises.


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