What responsibility, if any, did the international community have to the victims of the Holocaust?

September 25, 2009

HolocaustThe Holocaust was the act of the Germans; along with some others to literally “brainwash and exterminate all inferior races.” These actions were indirectly supported by the rest of the world due to their failure to react and respond accordingly. The international community should have taken responsibility in protecting the rights of the Jews, homosexuals, the disabled, and Roma, however many turned their heads for different reasons.  These reasons include that Hitler’s power and manipulative efforts were stronger than people could imagine at the time.  Many were unknown to the extremity of the torturous actions that took place.  This consequently led to the ignorance that people displayed to such a serious issue.  The United States made little or no effort to admit Jewish refugees into their borders, along with the British who didn’t permit Jewish immigrants to enter Palestine.  The Polish and Russian people gladly handed over their Jews to the Nazi death camps, contributing to the ultimate goal of extermination of all Jewish people. This ultimately lead to the deaths of about 11 million civilians and there is no way that any knowledgeable outside sources can say that it is not their responsibility. They all had the chance save the innocent lives of the people that had inhabited their land for years but then were just able to give them up and send them away to be brutally murdered. There was a major lesson that has been uncovered from this time of genocide and was able to tell a lot about the ethics of the other countries. The main message that was depicted throughout this time was every man for himself. This was a perfect reflection of the flaws of humanity. I believe that the blame for the Holocaust should be heavily placed on the international community due to their lack of aid that was needed by the former citizens. There is no single finger that can be pointed in this situation because when there is a problem anywhere in the world, it is all of society’s responsibilities to avoid and/or confront acts of genocide. Specific actions should have been taken to head off before they escalated or in order to eliminate these atrocities early on as part of the global responsibility—as part of our human duty to think and act environmentally, socially, and culturally.


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