Evaluate the Following: “After it’s all said and done, no single group, government, or institution is responsible for the manner in which the British Mandate of Palestine was partitioned.”

October 2, 2009

Palestine plan on partition

The breakup of Palestine can’t be attributed to any one group, government or institution due to historical realities. The reason the blame cannot be placed on ones shoulders is because local history and politics determined the breakup of the British mandate not any particular action.  Originally the League of Nations were the ones that divided the territory into the mandates, so they were seen as responsible for the division of the land. The League of Nations made the mistake of not correctly dividing the land because they divvied out land based on geography, not socio-economic, political, religious or cultural boundaries. During the mandate period, Syria and Lebanon was awarded to France, and Iraq and Palestine were awarded to Britain. This became a major problem because the land was divided in the wrong places, for example there were Arabs that became under control of the French and some under control of the British while the Jews were also misplaced and under the wrong control. One could say that the fault could be placed on the League of Nations because they gave the wrong land to the wrong people causing an outrage and the different groups such as the Arabs and the Jews tried to change these British ways. Over time, a major change took place when the United Nations was established. The UNSCOP institution was the best and the worst thing that happened to the land at the time. The biggest conflict that this caused was the fact that the UNSCOP institution had one plan, while the Arabs had a different one, and the Jews separate from that. The task of the UNSCOP was to plan out the partition of Palestine and instead of looking into the common interests of the people; they took it upon themselves to divide Palestine their own way. As this may seem like it is now the fault of UNSCOP, they are still not the ones to blame because they situation was set up by the mandates earlier in history. The only thing that we can blame this on is the history of the land and the politics at the time.


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