OPVL Israel Proclamation of Independence

October 5, 2009

israel proclamation

Origin: The proclamation of Independence was written by the Provisional State Council specifically David Ben-Gurion in Tel Aviv, Israel on May 14, 1948. This is a declaration of Independence for Israel .

Purpose: States the unfairness that the Jews went through and what they now deserve, represents the Jewish people that need a homeland, proclaims the establishment of the Jewish state in Palestine, calling it Israel and declaring the termination of the British Mandate. Israel will be an independent state, open to immigration, fair to all and peaceful with neighbors.

Value: This has great value because it is all about the meeting where the state of Israel was established and what will be expected from this time forward. This is also a historical benchmark because it ends the British Mandate and finally gives a place that the Jews can call home. This brings back a problem about immigration because that has been a reoccurring problem in the state.

Limitations: This article was written by the Jews for the Jews so there is bias to the Jewish side. While the idea was a good one, in reality today there are still people that don’t like to recognize Israel as a state, are not peaceful with them, and feel that they do not deserve the land. They act like the Jews are the only ones that will be affected, but there are Arabs currently living in the state of Israel that are being ignored.


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