OPVL Document 1-1

September 4, 2009

Negib Azoury

Document 1-1 Page 30

Origin: Author: Negib Azoury. Paris, France. 1905

Purpose: Program of the league: what they are basing the premise on. What the league wanted is to separate church and state in the interest of both Islamic and Arabic nations and create a separate Arab empire. Form of government that is a “constitution sultanate” based on freedom of all religions and equality of all citizens before the law. The irony of this is the offering of the throne of the Arab empire to the prince of a certain family from Egypt, but at the same time they reject the unification of Egypt into the Arab empire.

Value: This document values importance because it clearly sets out the goals from a territorial, political/governmental and religious point of view. It is an organized outline for the future plans of the Arabic state.  

Limitation: While it’s very clear what is being set out, there is no room for any flexibility and to reconcile different powers. This document also limits the leadership to one individual in one family, other than a natural and popular leader. There is a clear amount of bias in the way that they article is written.


What was nationalism like in the 19th century Palestine?

September 4, 2009

arab- israrli conflict 2During the nineteenth century, in Palestine, there were more changes going on at this time than ever. Nationalism played a very large role and the people of Palestine came together very much at this time to try and support themselves and show the pride that they have for their country. Nationalism was practiced by Arabs, Ottomans, and the Jews; this was seen more in some areas than others. At this time in history the Jews found that they were being expelled from many nations and just trying to find a place that they could feel content and they could form their own nation that would model the way that Europe was run. The Jews showed a sign of unity by constructing a movement called the Zionism movement where they hoped to bring the Jews together. The Arabs did not act in the same way as the Jews. The Arabs were always used to having this land and were caught off guard when they found the Jews moving in. This is what brought the Arabs together because there was always a disagreement about the dominant religion that the Arabs would practice. All the Arabs were really concerned about was driving the Jews out and maintaining their own land.  


What responsibilities do imperial powers have to minority groups under suzerainty?

September 3, 2009

Ottoman Suzerainty

Imperial powers throughout the world technically hold the supreme power over all minority groups, but the extent of the power that they have is the controversial issue. In certain situations, the suzerainty will completely take over the minority groups, while in other instances; they will have nothing to do with them other than own the country. This issue brings up very disputable cases and it is a position where there really is no “correct answer.” Seeing as America has somewhat of a form of imperial power vs. minority groups I can have a better understanding of the feeling and examples of what a suzerainty would really be like. In America, you can look at our government system in this form because you have the head of the government, which includes the President, Supreme Court, House of Representatives and the Senate. These could all represent the imperial powers, while the state government officials and representatives are seen as the minority groups. The head government is really what has the final decision for the most part in what will happen for the country as a whole and will always have a say and oversee what is going on in each state, but this does not leave the cities, states and counties without a say. To a certain extent, each state can alter and establish certain unique laws that individualize the state itself, without crossing national laws. The American government is a good example because it has a fair balance between inflicting powers. In conclusion, I believe that under suzerainty, the imperial power should always have the final say, and should be the over looker of all of the minority groups but also the minority groups should not feel any drastic sense of change of lack and loss of power. If they had a stable system and form of government in place, it should remain that way with the imposing power overlooking them. If this was not a stable region, the head power should assist in building up the groups to make them an independent stable region.


Arab- Israeli Conflict

August 31, 2009

Arab- Israeli conflictOverseas, there are many issues that are occurring that are not brought to the attention of Americans as much as they should be. One of the most major issues in present day is occurring between the Palestinians and the Israelis in the Middle East. Even calling them the Palestinians is something that is currently being disputed, as they are often called the Arabs. Historians and researchers today can date this conflict back to the beginning of time, drawing parallels back to landowners and most concentrated on religion. One of the most ironic factors of this conflict is the fact that these two groups are so alike but also so different and so disputed. The main reason that there is a current day conflict is due to the piece of land that the Israelis have established. The Arabs see this as unfair because they did not deserve this, this seems like something so insignificant to us, but to these people of the Middle East, this is very holy land and they would sacrifice almost anything to obtain it or maintain it. This has increasingly become a worldwide conflict due to the fact there are people all over the globe taking different sides on the situation. For example, the Palestinians are against the Americans because we are the home to many Jews, which proves we support them. This is a growing difference, and there is really no answer that is accepted.


IB History SL Gleek 11th Grade

August 27, 2009

Back to School!This will be the first of many posts on my blog for my junior year of IB History. I cant wait to see what I will be learning and the many things I can accomplish in this class. Here’s to a great year we have ahead of us!


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August 26, 2009

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